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As the state sector improves standards by leaps and bounds, is an independent school education still worth the cost? Lucy Elphinstone, Headmistress at Francis Holland School, explains why she believes the answer is “yes!” “What’s the difference between an independent school education and a state one?” my friend repeated sarcastically. “The size of your ego!”…

A-Level or the IB – which of these qualifications provide students with the right skills for university? Mark Seldon from Gresham’s investigates The post-16 qualification landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, with more pathways and certifications on offer than ever before, and the biggest shake-up of the more traditional A-Level pathway seen in over…

With pupil numbers now in their millions, international schools are on the rise. Dr Fiona Rogers explores what it is about them that’s so appealing to parents Wherever they are in the world, the majority of parents are determined to give their children the best possible opportunities in life. Choosing the right school is where…